Biomax : N-G4W

Face + Finger + Card Based Attendance cum Access Control Device

Biomax - N-G4W

Multi - Biometric

Time & Attendance Device

Biomax – N-G4W Pro has unique, simple and accurate features.

easy to use functionality and affordable prices made it widely acceptable and successful.


Rs. 24900.00*

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Why buy from Parmeshwar

We have more than 15 years of experience and expertise in Biometric time & attendance systems.

Our skilled team understands your needs and they know how to meet your expectations. You can ask our clients list and check with them our life long free remote support review and their experience with us before placing an order.

We assure you here, you will never regret choosing us as your time & attendance solution provider.

  • Specially designed for offices, small factories and other premises with less number of employees that require facial based attendance systems. 
  • This device gives you the freedom to use multiple modes of verification like password + face, Password + Fingerprint, RFID + Face, RFID + Fingerprint for better security and accuracy. 
  • N-G4W equipped with 4.3’’ inch Color touch display for better operation and GUI with Linux operating system make it user friendly.
  • Biomax N-G4W inbuilt with WiFi Connectivity, Lan Connectivity for Network connection with desktop, web or cloud software too. 
  • N-G4W has USB port for access log, report and employee details 
  • This device is equipped with Biomax’s latest advancement Fingerprint Sensor specially built for verifying ink, mehndi or any color, even rough, dry fingers too. 
  • N-G4W has an inbuilt battery to get some extra time to use the device in absence of electricity.
  • This device has basic access control system supported with exit switch, wireless remote control as well as no touch sensor for lock your premises and can control entry and exit of the the room.
Face Detection
Advance Finger
Door Control

Storage Capacity :

Face Capacity :  10,000

Finger Capacity :   30,000

Card Capacity:   10,000

Password Capacity:   10.000

Max. User :   10,000

Log Capacity :   2,00,000

Identification Mode :

Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

System Configuration :

Processor :   1 GHz

Operating System :  Linux

Sensor Type : 500 DPI

Verification Time : <1 second

FAR : 0.00001%

FRR : 0.001%

LCD : 4.3″ touch screen – 480×272 pixel

Device Dimension :


Communication :

Connection :   Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host

Push Data :   Yes

Wiegand Reader :   Yes

RS485 Reader :   Yes

4G GPRS :   Yes (Optional)

Access control :

Support :   Remote, Push Button,

No Touch Relay :   Yes

Other Support :   Exit Switch, Remote, No Touch

Printer :   Yes (Optional)

Power & environment :

Battery Backup :   Yes (Optional)

Operating Temperature :   0°c ~ 50°c

Power Adaptor :   12V – 2A

Disclaimer :

  • Brief specification are mentioned here. specification may change without prior notice. customer are advised to check with us before purchase. Actual product may differ slightly to that depicted for ongoing product development.
  • Biomax Brand is belong to Rhythm Technologies, we, Parmeshwar are no any rights on Brand and it’s products. 
  • Biomax has a full right for changed in product and Specification without prior notice.
  • Buying and selling Biomax Products Online is prohibited and is termed as illegal, so we are not encourage or accepting online orders.
  • Installation / Technical Support  / Training to End user is the responsibility of installer or dealer so purchase from authorised company only. 

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